During The Days Of Crossing


During Days of the Crossing

The Nagual got in touch with us few days prior to the Crossing. He invited us to his house, so we could meditate together in the comfortable environment. In the evening of 21.12.2012 with ascent of dusk we set down to tune in together. We were four adults and little one – embodiment of Disk, which at that very time, was quietly lying in his mother’s hands. Nagual set down on a chair, women set on the couch, I set on the pillow on the floor…

The fact is that some time ago the Disk appeared in Nagual’s dream. Disk – is a self-aware being from the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS. It delivered Nagual’s and his woman’s doubles, then still energy twists the PRIMARY SOURCE and asked to help him to be born into the world of men. It was, as per Nagual’s description, much bigger than the doubles themselves and was an embodiment of the combined awareness of our exploration group. Nagual and the woman from his house became its parents. Disk – is a CHARIOT. We will become one integral whole when time of the group’s last journey into INFINITY comes; and we will accomplish an abstract flight. The Disk came from our future. Before the crossing we had already had an experience of joint journeys into INFINITY.

Right after we closed our eyes, I started seeing how bright sparks of amber-red energy rise from the ground up through the human cocoons and how they light up the emanations in the open channel in upper side of the cocoon. While still in my body I was already flying through the tunnel of darkness next to other tunnels and my friend flying through them.

We set onto the disk and flew of the nightly Earth into the world of Doubles. While already in the state of the double I observed the cosmic spectacle – RAY or CURRENT of whitish energy that flowing from the center of the galaxy onto the Solar System and creating above Earth STAR GATES bright yellow-red in colour.

In the crossing took part gigantic number of structures, unimaginable in variety of shapes and forms, created by self-aware spirits. During first meditation I managed to observe them with only few short glances, but sharp realization that among the present are even those, who were waiting for this event since ancient times, startled and filled me with awe and reverence. In some of them there was such a decisiveness, courage, fortitude, and tenacity of purpose; one could also use such words as strength, wisdom, harmony. Undoubtedly, these beings, humans, spirits had to possess inventiveness, imagination, detachment, self-control, ruthlessness, artistism, sense of time – in order to assemble their attention by the STAR GATES. Despite the fact that there were weaker beings over there, the common goal to increase vibrations of the Planet and crossing to higher density was uniting and leveling everyone.

We interrupted meditation in order to catch our breath, stretch our legs and relieve some tension. Liat went to sleep – her experience and energy level, at that time, was much lower than ours. While skipping along and dancing around little square by the house we shared, what we saw with each other and returned to the place of meditation. Conscious structures moving towards the STAR GATES reminded ovals, zigzags, crystals, pyramids, octagons, icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, trapezes, and other forms whose names I don’t know and that I couldn’t discern or remember. Different colours and shades pointed to different levels of awareness of conscious spirits. I saw that our disk started printing on the ribbon the imprints of itself; the doubles shaped as grayish twists placed themselves into these imprints-projections of the disc. We accomplished similar exercise when we were flying on of the disc towards the PRIMARY SOURCE to stretch wide reflective ribbons in which the disc reflected itself infinitely. I also call it disc’s field of boundless opportunities. This exercise proved to be an asset in an hour of the crossing. The disc itself tied itself to the beginning of the ribbon and began moving towards open gates. But, as it came closer to the gates, many doubles, fearing the unknowable, jumped off from the imprints; and we kept pulling the remaining ones with great hardship. As I was opening my eyes, I saw, how Nagual’s body bent out in his chair, he physically labored as he was pulling everyone towards the entrance.

Nagual’s woman told the next morning that she was looking down on Earth and that she saw how Earth is full of sparkling glows of awareness of those who like us had aligned themselves for the CROSSING.

In the train, I closed my eyes and again saw the disc. I see that there is commotion in the word of doubles. Those who stayed and didn’t cross are confused, and members of our team are among them. I sent enquiry about those, who are my relatives and, friends, and acquaintances. To my surprise, among those who stayed, many of those whose level of awareness seemed to me higher than of those who crossed. But half of the shapes have already crossed through the portal, and above them appeared three gigantic balls, blue in colour – of those who call themselves THE FOUNDERS. They reduce their density in order to appear in this shape to contact with us. They installed something reminiscent of magnetic net in form of cylinder semi-circular upper and lower side, and all the multitude of the shaped spirits is pulling towards the GATES while simultaneously defending from strange predatory creatures, which were attacking them. These creatures bear some likeness to birds or at least winged creatures from dark and coloured ribbons of power. The ribbons – are wings protruding from ray-like body. The Earth, from its core, is sending mighty energy impulse in form of amber stream of energy of awareness and pushing the mass of the spirits towards portal. Flotilla of star-ships from other planets of various in shapes and vibrational densities arrives. They bravely fight the birds, that fill whole enormous space behind, maligning and throwing the shaped spirits back and away. Many turn back losing hope to cross. And some star ships from other star systems, sacrificing themselves for the inhabitants of the Earth , explode when gigantic birds-serpents hit them with their wings.

Luckily, the Nagual didn’t want to leave behind the doubles that didn’t cross in first transport of multistory ribbon into the STAR GATES, and we repeated the whole maneuver with remaining doubles even before the magnetic violet net and the FOUNDERS appeared. The heart filled with feeling of admiration, grief, and gratitude, watching how our SPACE BROTHERS were displaying greatest heroism, selflessness, and WARRIOR SPIRIT. They fell as heroes on the field of this cosmic battle for you and I and our children and all living beings on our planet, so we could feel THE NEW VIBRATIONS AND CHANGES FOR BETTER, PURE AWARENESS OF THE PLANET’S REBIRTH. ETERNAL GRATITUDE TO THEM! THINK, WHAT HAD MOVED THESE BEINGS OF LIGHT – IS LOVE! WE MAY NOT KNOW YOU CLOSELY, BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEARTS! WE WILL REMEMBER YOU FOREVER!


This ray is a strange thing. The disk brought me to the world of doubles couple of days prior to the beginning of the crossing, but it didn’t let me to enter it and threw me away. Nagual confirmed the same, ,he didn’t succeed to fly into it before the right time.

In what happened after the crossing through STAR GATES there was feeling of elation by the doubles as they broke free. They were flying and circling around. They were met by KRYON.

The KRYON showed them the world of the new opportunities. But that was only relevant to those who stayed in this level. Others entered into something that reminded a spaceship with slots that looked like honeycomb reddish in colour; doubles lined into them like bees. Through the center point of the spaceship was glowing ray of new energy. And after mighty PUSH FROM THE EARTH the whole ship took off to the next density level. Each “honeycomb” separated and bumped into membrane, and the double penetrated through membrane into the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS, where it was met by AWARENESS OF THE PRIMARY SOURCE. Along the ray, at the moment of the PUSH OF THE EARTH something rushed through with such a tremendous speed, that even the attention of the double couldn’t distinguish what it was. But all my awareness including physical body experienced a shiver like wave of direct knowledge – that it was Nagual Juan Matus and warriors of his party, who accomplished ABSTRACT LEAP and left for ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF THIRD ATTENTION…

During subsequent meditation sessions further picture of the cosmic battle for the CROSSING unveiled. After THE FOUNDERS sealed the STAR GATES with magnetic net to prevent penetration of the predatory beasts over there, the EARTH and the flotilla of the foreign starships produced mighty impulse that immobilized the predators. From somewhere above predators’ leader appeared; it looked just like them – consisted of gigantic ribbons, but more massive and black. The leader offered truce and wanted to take birds-predators away. But three Naguals, which at that density level looked as winged rocket launching systems, just not from metal but from energy of pure awareness, decided not to let them go. Knowing what wiles the predators capable of – you let them go, they come back with even greater numbers. They fought the leader and were victorious. The ribbons of power, from which the predators consisted, originally belonged to doubles, but where stolen. Doubles wrapped themselves into reflective coloured ribbons and were overjoyed to receive back the energy. This very energy allowed them to accomplish more robust leap into the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS after they crossed the first stage of the STAR GATES.



The One Who Opens Out The Wings

Games Of Infinity

games of infinity

…During some practice of not-doing I found that I am able to hold back a different position of the assemblage point and to experience the two events simultaneously. At that time came to me the one, whom I named Nagual Don Juan Matus. However he also used this name to introduce himself. A dream preceded it, in which he appeared as a very elegantly dressed in a grey suit elderly man, but without any signs of suffering from old age. He felt easy with his body, and he treated the world carefully. In the way he went out of the district of small private buildings and looked around the awe and modesty were felt. He could excel anyone, who was passing by at that moment, in taste and manner of behavior, but he remained unnoticed. His grey hair were cut short, he crossed the street, and we followed to a table in an outdoor café. In appearance he was an example of irreproachability, ability to be here and now, one could feel composure and ingenuousness in him. When a waitress approached, he just asked for a glass of water. I did not dare to look in his eyes and was stealing a glance at him. Then he pointed in the direction of south-east silently, and turning to look there I saw a giant pass to the freedom into INFINITY.

Then he found me in absurd life situations during the day. He laughed at me, when saw how seriously I take the environment. He was shedding honey-amber glowing, and I loved his appearances, when nobody saw him except me. Sometimes he appeared with Don Jenaro. They made such a funny clownery and different tricks, that the real situation developing in the first understanding began to resemble the funeral repast in comparison with the lively mood coming from them. I was not afraid that was going mad, as I had seen the energy for several years already and was conscious, that the world could be conceived in a non-linear way. I knew that INFINITY plays with me, and that everything promotes my waking up.

When I learn to perceive the first attention more remotely, I managed to leave the acquired place easily and relocate to the village near the forest. There Nagual Don Juan Matus taught me many things. So that some time ago I stopped the world and saw that the lines of the light of awareness were passing through everything perceptible for me, I also learn to hold with my attention the cover of amber lightning around me, he taught me how to use a beam or thread of the light. I let the beam go around the body and girded kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen with it, and the point below the navel – as if horizontally a loop was made and it gathered the organs piercing them. Then from the point below the navel the beam went through the liver to the lungs, and then through the spleen and pancreas again to the navel. It was necessary so as to create a carcass from awareness, in which the inner organs and their moods would not spread during the perception of unknown. Then the beam stretched out from the point below the navel and to the middle of the cocoon and further.


At the moment of visualization of parallel light lines I directed the beam on one of them and tuned at it. The next moment I was contemplating tress growing in the forest as huge bubbles of energy, saw their glowing with bluish-white flashes, knew directly that the assembling point of the trees is very low on their cocoon. The trees stretched their will flows to the amber streams of energy flowing in the earth. The beam of amber luminosity, which Nagual Don Juan Matus painted by leading an open palm along my body crosswise inside each foot, shin, thigh, from the edges of pelvis to the shoulder joints, inside the shoulders and forearms, in each palm, also from sacrum to the elbow, from ears and from eyes girding around every joint in arms, legs, around the neck from the low point of cocoon in middle upwards, in the form of a drop at the level of shoulders above the head and in arches from every essential organ outside. This framework serves several aims simultaneously – accumulation of personal power, equilibration and as a means not to come apart from the power that is rolling over. Later I understood that I can improvise and create ant possible structures inside the cocoon and work immediately with the energy of perception painting magnetic grids, lighting up rings, stretching ribbons, building cones and following the colors in the centers of the strength inside the energetic structure. Till got understood that the execution of exercises of tensegrity in a group of practicing in dreaming for fixation of the point of construction is not interesting.

I became a ball of energy and thought over about something that had already been explained by Nagual Don Juan Matus to his pupil Carlos Castaneda about the vibration inside the cocoon, the vibration, which leads any alive creature to the death.

Practicing constantly the practice of seeing people as shining formations of thinnest light fibers connected with the surrounding world by shining threads, I lost the sense of objective reality, and the world’s picture changed. I saw, that the energy of shining bodies is thin in the city, where I lived before going to the village.

It was the view of a certain alien creature described in the books by Carlos Castaneda and existing in everyone, whom I saw, as a small cluster of energy swinging the flow of power above the head and not letting to power the awareness further above by this that made me to reconsider my life and the ties with my nearest.


I myself had often experienced unexpected rushes of anger and hysterics because any initiatives and creative ideas in their bloom were crushed by an incomprehensible row of absurd life confusions and situations arising as if without any comprehensible reasons. And spiritual creative people pursuing the most harmless aims had only to lose their hearts and inspirations and follow the circumstances suggested by a society, i.e. boring monotonous work and consumption of what is offered to average philistines.

The presence of some pressing power of circumstances and outside of public agreement to tolerate an evil situation and adapt as one can and is able to was felt while I was looking at things in the objective reality.

Now when I saw, the world appeared in all its beauty. In the mind of human beings was a parasite, and it directed the mind, but not only it. The parasite corrected the work of inner organs, stretching tentacles to them. It was becoming clear why people being at the top of improvisation, asking serious questions about their essence and the one of everything, feeling joy and delight from having found strengths in them to go above the routine and everyday life suddenly began to complain on the worsening health and strange illnesses turning them in the channel of grey reality with heavy work, monotonous boring program of life settings requiring the execution for obtaining happiness in the future, but not in the present, not now and here.

The implanting in the vertical flows of the body of energy, clusters arousing anxiety and uneasiness, silly desires which were affirmed quickly by the built-in social consciousness as normal ones also did not deviate from the sight of the inside looker.

And to finish it all through the crack in the horizon in our world penetrate gigantic black shadows which play comfortably in our perception of 3D space and in reality are tiny, but creating the illusion of gigantic black creatures falling on the whole settlements flatways.

Thus, people with inquisitive mind get different religious and philosophic doctrines with the worn out truths for all times and ready answers on all questions. Above the buildings, traffic jams, villages I also saw octopus like creatures controlling with the flows the energy of alive creatures.

On trees, and animals at the moment, when their luminosity flashed, jumped a jumper and after swinging on the flows of energy flew his own way further. They felt as the owners. To some of us were given books about God and invited to the gatherings obtrusively, to the other ones, those who wanted to investigate the nature, were suggested the worn out routes and the lovers to move were given centralized performances and shows with electro-music. At one go masses of people sat to a computer screen.

Having claimed themselves out of any social laws and rules I went there where my free will take me turning into the unbending intent.

This was a small cultured woodland park near the settlement where I lived. I became to live as a savage near the stream where people came for rest. I was sitting in ravines and caves enjoying the fresh air and nature till saw that was covering with the colour of awareness to the edges, i.e. I saw distinctly that the whole cocoon was shedding the honey-amber colour and is covered with smooth brighter amber shell. I understood that together with other tones in the cocoon I lost desires which overwhelmed me in the city and life became more measured and calmer. The time as if slowed down, and every day was having a miracle in it.

The communication with the wood and Earth aroused only the desire to give yourself to travelling on foot wherever you want and the happiness to be able to walk around everything, which was not built-in by people. I enjoyed my travelling at this wonderful time on this amazing planet.

Communicating with the people around I could not but come to the conclusion about their dissatisfaction with life and constant worries about themselves. I got rid of fear of loneliness and of nature.

As if in a fairytale I could call Nagual and his warriors anytime. They were so jovial, cordial, wise and loving the Earth, and telling and showing everything around. And certainly the built-in consciousness left me more often, and to learn advice how to behave impeccably in this or that situation I turned to my amber friends.

Nagual Don Juan Matus taught me how to treat the surrounding world carefully and lead a continuous fight with ego. Watching young people coming to rest on nature I saw that they were thinking about the worsening way they feel and look, and after spending several days on the place of the power they leave as if nothing was interesting for them except making themselves better.

Then I saw that in front of the cocoons there is a thicker plate working as a mirror for perception. People are reflected in their plates and if they do not like the reflection, they worry about it till they manage to regain a good reflection, and they are satisfied with it and leave the place of power, everything else is not important.

Nagual taught me to choose places of power, where the cocoon is rolled by the ring power and I knew that the plate is necessary for the cocoon so as to screen from the view of constantly rolling over power.

On the seminar on TRANSEGRITY in Amsterdam I put on the mask of self-reflection as the second face of built-in consciousness. This sight is not for the weak-nerved. Above kind and calm sleeping human face everyone who met me was something like a film on which were recorded as on the video all the expressions of face for a very long period of time. The impression made me remember horror films about the demons living in people or zombie – the image of the faces as if was moving on the film with a high speed and aroused only one word in the mind, i.e. “dead”. The dead people were alive and turned their hands to those who was holding the seminar, standing on the catwalk, they asked their questions which were in abundance. But there were also those without such a mask. I heard an unpleasant voice tone which betrayed the masks and with all certainty I say to you that this is a mask of death.

During the time that I see energy, I see as the death is following everyone as a black shadow. I see how it approaches when the flows of energy, ribbons of strength of the energetic body become weak. As the clear space of bowl form is deformed and the shell of the cocoon is being eaten. I also see how filled and aware can be the cocoons of warriors. I see how the substance of the grey colour (syntax fog as Don Jenaro called it) does not give to the assembling point to shift.

The way to precept the world directly, see the energy is applied to all alive creatures, not is the privilege of the chosen ones.

Sometimes Don Juan took my double out of me, and they both flew somewhere. Returning to me the double showed what he had time to perceive till was in the company of Don Juan…

How is the perception is made? How does it turn out that the world around lacks a mystery, secret, easiness, grace, does not arouse curiosity, but seems monotonous and boring unbearably? Mechanically repeating? How do we hold the position of the assembling point, when everything is normal?

Once in my life came the particles ringing in the ear and do not disappear now? But I forgot about them for some time…

In my childhood I was taken to the photographer’s studio to take a family photo. I sent a sight to the future for myself and did it on purpose. I remember that I raised my eyes specially and fixed them of the moving in the air and ringing luminous lights, which were seen well in the darkness of the studio, where the photos were taken. They pierced with them everything and I knew well about it and listening to them and contemplating them came to the raised mood and calmed down feeling the presence of a miracle, no matter how it happens in life, everything happens, and it is wonderful, when you perceive something surprisingly alive and well-known.

I knew, that adults and some children do not see them because they do not want, their eyes looked so as if the whole face expressed the damned business with something bloody important. But such adults and children were met in whose faces and eyes another thing can be read, as if they remember and keep the connection with something really important, with a miracle.

After communication with amber Nagual Don Juan Matus, his companions – Don Jenaro Flores, Don Silvio Manuel, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar, Nagual Carlos Castaneda my world returned to the channel, where everything can happen particularly and such a live communication with them in the world of glowing particles and vibrating power, which flows out of any doubts outside our everyday linear time and 3D space.

And I was lucky to meet Nagual Alex Vidis, who having seen how I communicate with the abovementioned magicians from aside, told that I just feed with my energy some clusters of energy taking for me the form of amber magicians, which some time ago could possibly be them themselves.

I still think that have learnt much from them. Let these fairytale clusters of luminosity of our mother Earth, which helped to tune on the dimensions happening with it.

In one of the flights with Don Juan I from the state of the double saw a cocoon of the Earth and its inner emanations – 48 big strips and those 7 of them, which we as human beings can tune. He helped me to see that in that system in which perceive the environment, where everything is becoming smaller on the measure of going away, till does not turn in the points, can be seen absolutely all variants of the situations and actions including any life experience with feelings, thoughts, perception of images, colour, light of any sensory data and time points as the set of self-conscious particles – commands of the Source, which the magicians of its line metaphorically named the Eagle and having united all this in a single energy field we get the conglomeration of energetic fields.

I got rid of anxiety for a while at least and tortures on the cause of choice of the further life situation and understood that one can experience a stress connected with the perception but lying outside the human at all – it gave the feeling of freedom and enlightenment…

The meeting with the Nagual Alex Vidis after some pause in several years, while I was learning in the second attention to Nagual Don Juan Matus turned the Wheel of Time for me and gave a new spiral of knowledge. Using the knowledge about the fact that gathering in a united field the conglomerate of energy fields became a ball of attention free from human, I became let it go on its business, i.e. in infinity to the stars.

During the flight of the ball I could do anything in the first attention without care of going to sleep, as the ball was communicating with me at a distance, wherever it was. My ball enjoyed the free flight and visited all the planets of the solar system and in the Sun using the same threads of light and the power of intention. It jumped to the space, and it liked the company of the same celestial bodies, which resembled it in mood, for example, and had the same smooth shell and thrived for freedom. A group of stars meeting the same characteristics and filled everything with the energy of amber glow was remembered well. This was awareness of kinship and most comfortable feeling, if it can be said about the feeling of the ball of attention.

games of infinity

Here the serious tone of the narration should be interrupted, if someone decided that I am serious. But how is to continue seriously, if a person was taught to be a telescope and his ball of attention flying in this immensity got acquainted with several types of stars and starry systems. It is a whole INFINITY of them here. Only with the difference that I saw them as a magician, saw that stars are creatures capable of perception. These are cocoons and their assembling points, and they themselves are made of luminous particles.

And what happens after the fact that the ball flew through an eye and went out from the mouth of a dragon of fire and dragon of cold so as the attention could be sure that does not depend on temperature and can become close to any type of stars, if they want it. The ball was drawn by the similar to it, to its form and went through the acquaintance and close contact with the stars, which did not have such a smooth shell. Here the play with multidimensional entity “here and now” was seen – at night it is seen that the stars are small and coloured and pull to the eyes and other parts of the body and threads of perception. But if not to focus the eyes, they become clenching and unclenching bubbles of energy of luminous threads, which all can be placed on one line of the universe in the principle of perception bubbles connected with each other by threads and being under the influence of vibrating power, and the small and coloured, scattered on the whole sky are on another one.

My double with the frame of amber beam piercing the whole cocoon and connected with the structure aware and capable to sustain an onset of huge strips of emanation, which go as endless number of ribbons of power, rows of likenesses of the Dark Sea of Awareness, where the stars from line to line change as a principle and to every line one by one the double power the beam coming from the centre of his body. And the looking and doing daily routine person, and it all is simultaneous with the flight of the ball approaching the gigantic celestial bodies investigating their colour of mood flows, their companions and opening their projections on them, the projections for which there are no words.


The World of Dancing Doubles.


Let’s paint the town red!

The ballroom , everyone is dancing, if you want, dance, if you want, don’t…!” I shall never forget this handwritten sign in the city of Odessa. And how this sounds, just listen: “There is no kerosene and it is unknown…” I do not know if there is some regularity in the character of Odessa dwellers. And this regularity means that they have idea about some uncertainty. But local people surely have this one, as well as the outstanding sense of humor, and there is nothing to complain about. It is for this uncertainty that I (sitting on the soft sofa in a cozy flat) go for on the pages of my report in the same way as I went with the rucksack along the Mediterranean coast of this small and agreeable country, Israel. And here, if you want, read, if you want, do not…

Everything started with a knockout. Nagual took me with him to the children training on kung fu. Just at this time I had returned from the walk along hills and dried-up riverbeds. It so joyous to see how kids smooth out their creased and frightened threads of perception in the gym, and jump dancing a little with the shouts of delight.

Is not it great? – Alex asked me.

– Great! – I agreed helping him a little to deliver the lesson. The world smiled to me with children and adults’ smiles, with the sunny day and the clouds in the blue sky. After the children’s training Nagual suggested boxing with him. In several minutes I was on the floor. Just some short period of time, a second, and I already am as a thrown doll. And where is my seemingly unshakeable control and my awareness?! I am not a completely experienced fighter in comparison with him.

– Congratulations with the first knockout. A body does not understand what happens to it and just falls from the blow into a point. – Alex said. Oh, boy! – I thought going home. Like this in the most unexpected moment, when the sun is shining and birds are singing, death can kick me and will not let me to regain consciousness, everything will lose any meaning. If so, who knows, maybe I am already dead and what I can lose. It is necessary to realise a dream, go somewhere with the rucksack where my feet would take me and see what will come out of it.

It is the most suitable place in the story to return to the theme of uncertainty. I shall confess that I do not like maps of localities and discreetly developed routes with the signs and destinations though I do not neglect worked out paths. My acquaintance White Rook (Vladimir Grachev) being 60ish got round the Crimea coast in 80 days and climbed vertical cliffs of mount Dzhemerdjy which is only one kilometer above the level without safety equipment. In our great epoch of spiritual wake-up of bright representatives of the civilization of mobile, high-speed, four-wheel sofas there are almost no pedestrians. I said ‘almost’. No, surely one can still meet few people walking along the embankments of Jaffa and Tel Aviv and wandering along the city streets in poor districts and having no money to buy a car. Sometimes even brave travelers moving along the paths marked with signs after every 5 metres. Such paths resemble park lanes very much but the travelers are equipped with the one-size-fits-all outfit from expensive tourist shops. Funny and timidly move they in heavy boots and khaki hats, sticks in their hands, showing exhausting travelling in the wilderness which actually is 3 kilometers from one station to the other. But there is also a brand-new sort of sport walkers jumped from training simulators in fitness clubs with some sensors on their hands. What they are measuring these sensors, can’t make head or tail of it, do not ask me as I will not be able to answer anyway, maybe pressure or pulse. Their manner of behavior is as if everything around them is just a decoration for their selfless walk and their absolute non-participation – Wow! And this is good and even wonderful, the view of young and sportive people breathing the streams of fresh air and building muscles on training simulators. What a break in the sphere of Spirit, the opportunity even to be proud! But the died out stone jungle of Ashdod with the incredible quantity of parked cars impress. Do not think that I want to say that I am not like this. Yes, I am exactly like this. I at the beginning of my walk did not get around any area with training stimulators and smiled to every sportsperson on my way. And as it has already become clear for you, I was not going in the wilderness, I was trying to get there in every possible way. But want to say with sadness that there is no wilderness along the whole coastline of the Mediterranean Sea of Israel at all, not counting those fragments of several tens of kilometers. Let’s be grateful even for this! It’s not that nature of Mother Earth calls me. It’s that we ourselves as the whole world surrounding us have a hidden nature which we as very busy people try not to notice. This is our energetic part. It is that ability to percept the energy so as it flows in the surrounding universe that broke my illusion of non-participation and deprived me of discomfort and anxiety about it by this.


Furrows of  Time.

What I want to share with you. The surf washing feet takes away the tiredness of bare legs. The wind and solar light give the constant impulse to movement. Immense spaciousness and parades of clouds, the murmur of waves, narrow strip of coast in front and behind flushes the world. Nothing happens with the distance, but the body seems childish and light, the weight of the rucksack disappears. The slowly changing dissimilar structure of seashells, rocks and coast places us in the point of constant awareness of harmony. The brilliance of the sea gives the push to the Earth for awareness and contemplation being in constant motion streams of energy in the horizon and everywhere takes to flight through the furrows of time in other densities of consciousness. Gather vertical and spiral stages with creatures from the worlds in rising densities when one can clearly see creatures of 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9, 10 ,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 density and further the ones ringed with the disc of sympathy on every level and on all levels at once.

5 – These are practically the same people in appearance, but elevated and spiritual, resembling the images of paintings by some artists of our world. The faces and bodies, and their whole world shed light, humor, awe and love. They suggest curing you from any illness.

6 – These are creatures of light with something like wings on the back, immediately moving to any part of the Universe.

7- Similar to shedding the delight and endless joy of freedom silhouettes, generally resembling the contour of a human body with their lines, but of much bigger sizes, organizers of harmony in the world of pure intention, working and braiding gigantic ribbons of strength of indescribable bright and pure colors, the beams going from globe-shaped worlds.

8- The Universe of globe-shaped worlds.

9-Endless spiral stages of uniformly white-yellowish oval cocoons with yellow-amberish flames inside which all are the reflections of the single Attention of the Source.

10- These are the more complex and varied in colour and shape, changing patterned resembling the seashells of spiral of endless Universes gleaming with awareness.

11- Resembling the wave of awareness eternity with three endless gigantic towers – streams or tornados.

12- In the centre of darkening eternity bright amber Big Fire of Attention of the Source is seen. On the level of this density the spark of awareness having flown all the way to the Attention of the Source is given a choice: 1. – to merge with His attention, if it has gone through the 3d flow, 2. – keeping individuality in the group or structure of spirits to create something, e.g. new universe, if the spark came in the group or structure composed of several spirits through the 2nd channel. Then, the whole structure comprised by individual spirits goes through the check-up on the level of awareness: each spirit separately and the whole group together. 3. – Or to take up individual creation, if the spark came through the 1st channel alone. From this stage attention goes to the left side of the Dark Sea of Awareness which is as the mirror reflection of the right one with the difference that…

13- The Spark is aware of its entity with all the preceding densities and sees that all this is placed in a single petal of which the Dark Sea of Awareness consists. The Dark Sea of Awareness projects itself in one petal which goes in condition of phase and dreams itself multiplying itself to 3. The Dark Sea of Awareness copies the petal (similar to the diamond-shaped form with fibers at the sides and resembling yolk, the principle of the free will is in the centre) till the endless amount of variants. The center of the petal stretches long thread-fibers resembling hair under water. All the above numerated densities and structures of awareness are creative manifestation of such a principle of free will, one petal of the eternity of variants in the Dark Sea of Awareness.

Also one can see the outlines of aware local forms from groups of petals turned to the Attention of the Source and refracting, reflecting and accepting it in itself. These are the doubles.

14 – The Spark (or amber spot) as tiniest part of the Attention of the Source dreaming itself integrally in the composition of the petal of aware local form – double is given to reconstitute in the memory all densities starting with the Attention of the Source and petal. The spot being aware of itself in the petal of the double finds in the darkness the outlines of the petals and creates the Dark Sea of Awareness.

15- Everyone of us is in essence a spirit, a bunch created by the ribbons of the strength. Being aware of its integrity with the double in the Dark Sea of Awareness and creating it again on the left side the spot finds the will of the double, the blackening flow of strength which throws a double out of itself as the manifestation of its individual intention, totality of all its petals. Also the black flow of will of the Source itself exists and it copies the double on its level. However now the spark (or the spot, or spirit consisting of ribbons of strength) participates in the Creation alongside with the Source as the competent part of His Attention and then the double takes by its will those endless ribbons of strength coming from the Attention of the Source which correspond to the ribbons of strength of the spot itself. Such tuning elongates the flows of the spot into eternity.

16- The double finds endless membranes, absolutely transparent and creating pressure from the side of the Attention of the Source standing and going to all sides vertically, aware and letting endless ribbons of strength through itself.

17-Behind the verge of the membrane it is seen that the ribbons of strength turn into something like a wave created by the gathering of endlessly various forms and vessels for awareness.

18- Behind the next membrane can be perceptible the flows of spiral, constantly changing, twisted into whirls universes.

19- Behind the next membrane spiral stages with whitish cocoons form something distantly reflecting an umbrella or tent of energy of going in the centre of the umbrella of beam of the Attention of the Source filling with itself something resembling gleaming geometric figures and crystals. The outlines of the umbrella itself resemble multicolored streams of rainbow energy with the dissimilar splashes. And form-crystals contain and absorb information about all the changes given by cocoons with the white-amberish flames from the spiral stages. The beam animates and changes taking them from the gleaming form-crystals and melting the old energy ( the beam as if lights out in geometric form-crystals their new sides and replaces the old ones.)

20- The next membrane pressures the universe of globe-shaped worlds. In essence this is one ball with the point of construction in the region of pressure on it with the membrane itself which dreams itself in the non-linear way reflecting in the endlessness of its variations and stretching threads through the points of construction of its copies inside the balls. On this stage the spark can dream itself as an alive creature in any of the globe-shaped worlds.

21- Behind the next membrane the flow of strength coming from the spark being aware of its integrity and intentions gets the spirits-helpers in the shape of harmony organizers shedding the purest joy of freedom and braiding bright coloured ribbons of strength in the globe-shaped worlds.

22- Behind the next membrane the spirits creating the world by a single thought sent to the Source. The creatures with something like wings behind the back.

23- Behind this membrane the world of creatures of the light of kindness and love living in the Endless and Eternal Here and Now of the present moment. Their world is a complete harmony with the nature of the Earth, their seas and rivers are pure, their forests are plenty with all the conceivable sorts of plants and animals.

24- This in essence in the exact copy of our world, but with the difference that a human being is aware of his integrity, all his incarnations at all above mentioned levels of density with the attention of the double and the Attention of the Source capable to participate in the Creation equally with all his parts. (The human being aware of all his parts, i.d. literally the person feeling happiness.)

I do not want to affirm that the classification of densities with the amount of levels and membranes given by me is absolute. But I was shown all this exactly like that more than once during the walk along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the direction to the Lebanese boarder…

… And what has happened in our world. I thought if it was really so that all the living creatures are afraid of a man. Tiny crabs rushed away from the place and moving their legs in a funny way ran sidly to a shelter only seeing me. At the dusk I sat on the sand with my back to the rucksack so as to enjoy. In 20 centimeters to the right of me a crab climbed out of a hole in the sand and it looked at the sunset with me dreamingly. It was fully aware of my presence, I know it for sure. We as old friends shared delight with him. I was still but when I changed the pose and moved a bit, it ran away. I saw that it understood that I had come to the coast not for hunting or fishing that I was there to enjoy the sunset and miraculous path. In such an hour we are best friends with it. But the sea did not think like this. Either of joy or of showing who is the host here it washed away the crab with a next wave, but the crab managed to hide in the hole. But I was not as quick as my old chap and became wet with sea water together with the rucksack. Maybe the crab joked at me paying for all the brotherhood frightened by me – it was zany.


Tuning of Big Strips.


– Have you got an idea? – the double asked me when I tuned to it again. I want you to become stable and functional structure in the sphere of awareness of energy for yourself which would be reflected in every projection of you. – I answered the double, turning to all the doubles of our team.

– With delight! – the double replied in a laughing manner, – we have already started. The doubles came into the bubble and united the attention around the petal which they created on the base of the synthesis of all the elements of other types of the Dark Seas of Awareness… They copied the bubble in several variants so that all the bubbles with their rainbow copies inside became the peaks of clear structure in the shape of a crystal. Between the peaks were formed the energetic ties and also inside, and along the surfaces of this form began to go similar to lightnings reddish, silver and bluish splashes and complex spiral ropes. In the evening of this day and after the sunset, when I went on the completely wild plot of the coast with the tough seashells on the line of the surf, the storm began. 6 hours I was walking under the night starry sky, slowly falling on the north-western wind which blew sideway to the left of me, under 45 degrees angle in my face. Complete delight! In my left shoulder I felt the pain as from the needle, from time to time the pain went inside the body. Then I began to walk backwards all the way to the rock, from which far away in the north the lights of Bat Yam could be conceived, I was going both backwards and facewards. I saw that in every joint of the body twisted in spirals and eights the ropes of amber colour glow brightly. The body during the movement began to copy the movements of energy in the ropes and the twists appeared which warmed up the joints and stretching the tendons and muscles pleasantly. I twisted one or several joints. It was funny, as if during the storm at night some mad lone walker was dancing something like African chungo-changa with the rucksack behind the back. Between the joints of the body direct tubes appeared, glowed twisted arched flows uniting in all direction and soon I saw a structure of energy which became more and more complex inside and outside of the body, it resembled the clear carcass…

Suddenly the voice said:

“Death is charmed with your dance, it flew to recharge in the Source.”

When I was moving along the surf, I saw some dark spot which was following me and was moving quickly, but there are many dark spots in this sparkling world of gleaming threads at night at the seaside. I did not thought that I was dancing the death dance…

The first tuning: … Some time ago, if it is suitable to speak about time, the doubles projected themselves in a united petal which sent the signal outside of our Dark Sea of Awareness on the will of the Source. The doubles investigated the thing that was in immediate vicinity from DSA and found out the endless amount of points from which it is measured. Seven of these points relate to the human beings. The others are outside us. When the doubles scanned these unreachable to our perception points, leaving every of one petal behind the boundaries of DSA, on our bodies as on the projects of the doubles went exhausting vibration taking away the strength and concentration of attention

The second tuning: Then the doubles decided to create the petal which would absorb all the points and became something new, new point.

The third tuning: Going outside DSA Nagual found a strange formation of grey, with rough surface balls and flows, one of which went diagonally and was indigo with white specks for the first time. Nagual said that this is we ourselves, our aspects outside of DSA. It worried us, it means us from outside of this Dark Sea of Awareness. He also said that this structure is uncompleted, that we here are in the boundaries of DSA remember ourselves in our integrity to solve the problem with the completion of this exorbitant structure.

The fourth tuning; On the periphery of DSA the doubles built some resemblance of tower-locator of petals, on the peak of it was a new petal – the synthesis of all the points. So Nagual penetrated for the first time in the Glowing Nothing and found grayish balls in it.

The fifth tuning: When to the grayish balls the new ball was sent, they glowed with gold and amber colour of awareness. It made Nagual glad. The process was launched.

The sixth tuning: The tower-locator continued its existence, the new petal caught the gigantic protuberance, in which were whirling the going into endlessness numerous other types of Dark Seas of Awareness. The tower-locator threw reddish impulses of energy, which gave to all petals of DSA, Attention of the Source about the existence of this gigantic protuberance with other types of DSA. From this moment the Source freed our team of doubles from the actions connected with the Great Crossing. Now we became connected between Him and other types of DSA.

The seventh tuning: I undertook, from the state of the double, several travels in other Dark Seas of Awareness, letting go to them the petal of my double via the tower-locator. It turns out that not all types of DSA are made of an element resembling the petal of those several nearest types, in which I managed to look. At the beginning they looked dark longitudinal waves. The petal of the double went to them by the beam.

The eighth tuning: There is one of the neighboring Seas of Awareness, which also projected itself in the petal, however the principle of free will in the middle of this element is absent. The petal is completely black and all of them as one are subject to the single will of the whole Sea.

The ninth tuning: There is a type of DSA, in which 4 bright of amber coloured awareness beams are combined. They are intentioned from the points put over one another, but in this type there is

The tenth tuning: There is a type, in which generally the signs of awareness development were found in the rudimentary state.

The eleventh tuning: There is a type of DSA, in which the energy as mounted on each other three geometric forms, transparent and shedding weak whitish colour, coming as from the uneven mixed threads similar to illuminated borders of unpolished crystal and bright white energy as the river flowing through them. A further (it’s meant that there is an endlessness of the types of DSA)

The twelfth tuning: The idea was to send all types of DSA the signal from the new petal from the top of the tower-locator about the existence of our type of DSA and about its pretty idea – the element, including the principle of free will. The signal was sent to the threads of protuberance and they answered!

The 13th tuning: Soon after this Dark Seas of Awareness began to move close, whirling to the petal at the top of the tower-locator. This looked as if the protuberance was clenching. It was clear that they were interested in the principle of the free will.

The 14th tuning: The two closest types of DSA tried to unite with our. They went as if under the angle of 45 degrees from two sides, but this structure soon became disunited.

The 15th tuning: Having seen that DSA has intention to unite Nagvil and I suggested the doubles the idea of creation of a bubble on the base of that, unfinished structure of rough bubbles and blue flow where the petal became its point of construction…

Spaced out flow.

…You should not look for solitude at the sea coast. You are not going to find it here. Even under the clay precipices between Tel Aviv and Netanya a cycsinel can stick to you with her unequivocal suggestions at night and you will have to save by running! If you want to be alone, go to the stone jungles of Ashdod built as an example of the civilized world with the ubiquity of clear alleys and playgrounds for children and places for rest. None! Everyone is behind the wheel, going to their important deals with serious faces looking at this luxury from the highway making endless rows of gleaming in the sun, multicolored flying thought of contemporary inventor of cars.

– How many kilometers to sea by direct line? – I asked one policeman at the parking lot. – Not important. – The man in the form replied with the poisonous smile. I felt something worrying in this answer. But it turned out that it was the truth as there was no direct line there. The curved road on the hot sand was waiting for me. It curved several kilometers of hence with bared wire of the guarded military unit, for which the sentinels with the guns were watching. “The way of the warrior!”- I thought … Two days of joyful trip along the beautiful beaches and embankments of the capital coast…

That is why I like walking and do not regret that I gave them my preference. Every time one is convinced that “the harmony of the world does not know any boundaries” as Boris Grebenshikov sang in one song of his. After boringly-muttering and convincing in equal wellbeing districts with the signs of anecdotal contents and billboards, linear streets in the pioneer row of earth paradise, after assured and proud grey-brown block of flats of the champion view, refracting the light of happiness, what a plural medley the beach life is. It shoots at me as the bubbles of champagne into the walls of the stomach with the second dish with chili pepper. The images, tanned phizes on the funny faces and grotesque bodies, lively children, crows and cats, dogs and paraplanes, fishermen, everything in coloured spots and resembles very much the multicoloured show booth from the tale about Pinocchio just at the Mediterranean coast. In two days I crossed the worlds of lovers and different countries, Arab fairytale and charmed docks of sleeping sailers, twilights, dawns, dusks, starry nights, rosy and milky-white herds of clouds, China, the Crimea, Christian cape of Jaffa with bohemian castles, Jamaica, America, France. And here are all the girls, here they are !!!

…But what is there ahead? These are gigantic chimneys either of a plant or power plant of the city of Cheder and dock for the tankers going in kilometers in the open sea. What a romance! Trying the curve on foot at night this beauty along the roads with the beach sand I felt myself as the hero of Greek myths, the Sparta person going to the war with the Persians. Where was you, soft sand, that night during the storm? A bit earlier having seen this monumental construction steaming in the sky of light midday clouds-dgarons, floating jovially along the horizon, the perception distinguished clearly the spaced out flow of whitish energy leaving the Earth as a gap in the magnetic grid of energy whirls of the sea coast. I did not want to approach this and I caught a car for 10 minutes to ride past it so as to continue the way along the sea.

This flow tightened strangely. Recently I had been with Nagual near these tubes at the parking lot, where he had a meeting. Sitting in the car, waiting for him, using the situation, being near this industrial giant I scrutinized it. Remember that the mood after that fell drastically, became very sad. But then these situations were not connected in my head. To regain strengths I ran for several kilometers along the beach. Now I did not risk and did not look at the spaced out flow. I asked the double and it in one second determined that at the top of the flow, very high a gigantic energetic parasite was hanging and creating all this buffoonery. But from the point of view of a civilized man this is a very necessary part of the modern world.

From the touch of the sight of the double the parasite resembling a violet ink blob puffed up and blew into parts which continued to hang near each other on the top of the flow. In the flow an amber flash of energy from the Earth was made. It did not give the parts of the monster to grow together again. On the coast near Ceasarea one of the spots of this blob reached me on the sea and I slipped on the coast stones, injuring my knee. “Had its revenge, evildoer”, – I thought. “Will not stand on the knees before you, swine!” – I said to myself. “ As Spartans did not stand on the knees before the Persian tsar, when he proclaimed himself to be God”. It was combined with the fact that the ruins of ancient Ceasarea were waiting for me on my way…

– The double, please, get me rid of this misfortune… – I asked in whisper. A second. A reddish flash gleamed as a small lightning and only a memory remained of the blob…


– to be continued.


The manifestation of the body of light

New babies - New shining energy

New babies – New shining energy!


In this photo you can see the lights coming from the baby. This photo is not the result of the photo-montage. But the photographer filmed the moment of manifestation of the body of light. You can notice how shadows are completely absent. 

These days new energies from other higher densities are coming into our world. This will help increase the vibration of humanity.

 Of course we need a critical mass. This will shift the balance in favour of the development of awareness of humanity.