During The Days Of Crossing


During Days of the Crossing

The Nagual got in touch with us few days prior to the Crossing. He invited us to his house, so we could meditate together in the comfortable environment. In the evening of 21.12.2012 with ascent of dusk we set down to tune in together. We were four adults and little one – embodiment of Disk, which at that very time, was quietly lying in his mother’s hands. Nagual set down on a chair, women set on the couch, I set on the pillow on the floor…

The fact is that some time ago the Disk appeared in Nagual’s dream. Disk – is a self-aware being from the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS. It delivered Nagual’s and his woman’s doubles, then still energy twists the PRIMARY SOURCE and asked to help him to be born into the world of men. It was, as per Nagual’s description, much bigger than the doubles themselves and was an embodiment of the combined awareness of our exploration group. Nagual and the woman from his house became its parents. Disk – is a CHARIOT. We will become one integral whole when time of the group’s last journey into INFINITY comes; and we will accomplish an abstract flight. The Disk came from our future. Before the crossing we had already had an experience of joint journeys into INFINITY.

Right after we closed our eyes, I started seeing how bright sparks of amber-red energy rise from the ground up through the human cocoons and how they light up the emanations in the open channel in upper side of the cocoon. While still in my body I was already flying through the tunnel of darkness next to other tunnels and my friend flying through them.

We set onto the disk and flew of the nightly Earth into the world of Doubles. While already in the state of the double I observed the cosmic spectacle – RAY or CURRENT of whitish energy that flowing from the center of the galaxy onto the Solar System and creating above Earth STAR GATES bright yellow-red in colour.

In the crossing took part gigantic number of structures, unimaginable in variety of shapes and forms, created by self-aware spirits. During first meditation I managed to observe them with only few short glances, but sharp realization that among the present are even those, who were waiting for this event since ancient times, startled and filled me with awe and reverence. In some of them there was such a decisiveness, courage, fortitude, and tenacity of purpose; one could also use such words as strength, wisdom, harmony. Undoubtedly, these beings, humans, spirits had to possess inventiveness, imagination, detachment, self-control, ruthlessness, artistism, sense of time – in order to assemble their attention by the STAR GATES. Despite the fact that there were weaker beings over there, the common goal to increase vibrations of the Planet and crossing to higher density was uniting and leveling everyone.

We interrupted meditation in order to catch our breath, stretch our legs and relieve some tension. Liat went to sleep – her experience and energy level, at that time, was much lower than ours. While skipping along and dancing around little square by the house we shared, what we saw with each other and returned to the place of meditation. Conscious structures moving towards the STAR GATES reminded ovals, zigzags, crystals, pyramids, octagons, icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, trapezes, and other forms whose names I don’t know and that I couldn’t discern or remember. Different colours and shades pointed to different levels of awareness of conscious spirits. I saw that our disk started printing on the ribbon the imprints of itself; the doubles shaped as grayish twists placed themselves into these imprints-projections of the disc. We accomplished similar exercise when we were flying on of the disc towards the PRIMARY SOURCE to stretch wide reflective ribbons in which the disc reflected itself infinitely. I also call it disc’s field of boundless opportunities. This exercise proved to be an asset in an hour of the crossing. The disc itself tied itself to the beginning of the ribbon and began moving towards open gates. But, as it came closer to the gates, many doubles, fearing the unknowable, jumped off from the imprints; and we kept pulling the remaining ones with great hardship. As I was opening my eyes, I saw, how Nagual’s body bent out in his chair, he physically labored as he was pulling everyone towards the entrance.

Nagual’s woman told the next morning that she was looking down on Earth and that she saw how Earth is full of sparkling glows of awareness of those who like us had aligned themselves for the CROSSING.

In the train, I closed my eyes and again saw the disc. I see that there is commotion in the word of doubles. Those who stayed and didn’t cross are confused, and members of our team are among them. I sent enquiry about those, who are my relatives and, friends, and acquaintances. To my surprise, among those who stayed, many of those whose level of awareness seemed to me higher than of those who crossed. But half of the shapes have already crossed through the portal, and above them appeared three gigantic balls, blue in colour – of those who call themselves THE FOUNDERS. They reduce their density in order to appear in this shape to contact with us. They installed something reminiscent of magnetic net in form of cylinder semi-circular upper and lower side, and all the multitude of the shaped spirits is pulling towards the GATES while simultaneously defending from strange predatory creatures, which were attacking them. These creatures bear some likeness to birds or at least winged creatures from dark and coloured ribbons of power. The ribbons – are wings protruding from ray-like body. The Earth, from its core, is sending mighty energy impulse in form of amber stream of energy of awareness and pushing the mass of the spirits towards portal. Flotilla of star-ships from other planets of various in shapes and vibrational densities arrives. They bravely fight the birds, that fill whole enormous space behind, maligning and throwing the shaped spirits back and away. Many turn back losing hope to cross. And some star ships from other star systems, sacrificing themselves for the inhabitants of the Earth , explode when gigantic birds-serpents hit them with their wings.

Luckily, the Nagual didn’t want to leave behind the doubles that didn’t cross in first transport of multistory ribbon into the STAR GATES, and we repeated the whole maneuver with remaining doubles even before the magnetic violet net and the FOUNDERS appeared. The heart filled with feeling of admiration, grief, and gratitude, watching how our SPACE BROTHERS were displaying greatest heroism, selflessness, and WARRIOR SPIRIT. They fell as heroes on the field of this cosmic battle for you and I and our children and all living beings on our planet, so we could feel THE NEW VIBRATIONS AND CHANGES FOR BETTER, PURE AWARENESS OF THE PLANET’S REBIRTH. ETERNAL GRATITUDE TO THEM! THINK, WHAT HAD MOVED THESE BEINGS OF LIGHT – IS LOVE! WE MAY NOT KNOW YOU CLOSELY, BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEARTS! WE WILL REMEMBER YOU FOREVER!


This ray is a strange thing. The disk brought me to the world of doubles couple of days prior to the beginning of the crossing, but it didn’t let me to enter it and threw me away. Nagual confirmed the same, ,he didn’t succeed to fly into it before the right time.

In what happened after the crossing through STAR GATES there was feeling of elation by the doubles as they broke free. They were flying and circling around. They were met by KRYON.

The KRYON showed them the world of the new opportunities. But that was only relevant to those who stayed in this level. Others entered into something that reminded a spaceship with slots that looked like honeycomb reddish in colour; doubles lined into them like bees. Through the center point of the spaceship was glowing ray of new energy. And after mighty PUSH FROM THE EARTH the whole ship took off to the next density level. Each “honeycomb” separated and bumped into membrane, and the double penetrated through membrane into the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS, where it was met by AWARENESS OF THE PRIMARY SOURCE. Along the ray, at the moment of the PUSH OF THE EARTH something rushed through with such a tremendous speed, that even the attention of the double couldn’t distinguish what it was. But all my awareness including physical body experienced a shiver like wave of direct knowledge – that it was Nagual Juan Matus and warriors of his party, who accomplished ABSTRACT LEAP and left for ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF THIRD ATTENTION…

During subsequent meditation sessions further picture of the cosmic battle for the CROSSING unveiled. After THE FOUNDERS sealed the STAR GATES with magnetic net to prevent penetration of the predatory beasts over there, the EARTH and the flotilla of the foreign starships produced mighty impulse that immobilized the predators. From somewhere above predators’ leader appeared; it looked just like them – consisted of gigantic ribbons, but more massive and black. The leader offered truce and wanted to take birds-predators away. But three Naguals, which at that density level looked as winged rocket launching systems, just not from metal but from energy of pure awareness, decided not to let them go. Knowing what wiles the predators capable of – you let them go, they come back with even greater numbers. They fought the leader and were victorious. The ribbons of power, from which the predators consisted, originally belonged to doubles, but where stolen. Doubles wrapped themselves into reflective coloured ribbons and were overjoyed to receive back the energy. This very energy allowed them to accomplish more robust leap into the DARK SEA OF AWARENESS after they crossed the first stage of the STAR GATES.



The One Who Opens Out The Wings

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