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Chronicles of the Dark Sea of Awareness

New book by Michael Krelman.

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Chronicles of the Dark Sea of Awareness


New times require new syntax! As changes are already happening! Some of the changes have already happened! We know about the changes as we are their direct participants and witnesses.

What this book is about?

Hello Dear Reader! We – are a research team. The field of our exploration and sphere of great interest is - AWARENESS.

Our interaction and energy connection is – greatest fortune for us. By the will of fate and vibrating power of the Universe, we received miniscule chance and to acquire ability to focus our attention on contemplating INFINITY. The description of incredible wonders it is hiding and which we are able to touch became the basis of this work. The narration itself will be rather reminiscent of quintessence of a navigator’s diary, written by different people. We are grateful to the Spirit. With feeling of deep gratitude, we want to offer your attention, dear reader, to the humble report of the work already done. We have to mention that despite operating within bounds of the mother tongue, we are trying in convey in words, as precisely as possible, what we have seen. For, this is the will of the Primary Source – The Dark Sea of Awareness. We are only conductors…

Obviously, the first paragraph may look like text from cover of sci-fi novel. Rest assured, we don’t talk about anything imaginary. This is not a fiction – this is an expression of intent to know.

While simply being busy with building a bridge to the memories of the events, experiences in the state of heightened awareness and in the expansive area of second attention, we decided to organize them in form of a book so everyone who is interested in development of self-awareness could have possibility to peek behind the curtain. Of cause if you never read books of CARLOS CASTANEDA you may find some difficulties understanding certain terminology. We also apologize if the text of the book will seem too peculiar. We just use the terminology that we use ourselves to describe our experience; it was drawn from the books of the aforementioned author.

Further to the problems with syntax, we would like to point your attention to how in some sentences composed to describe actions in second attention, past, present and future tense were used. Understanding of the narrative depends on degree of familiarity with what we call: to let the linear time go. The fact is that in Universe everything happens HERE AND NOW! Do realize together with us this possibility.

Since no one of us is an author of any other books and we are not looking for recognition on literary stage, we just offer to cross this bridge into the INFINITY and we want to pass you an invitation from the PRIMARY SOURCE! Remember yourself, remember how you came here, remember who you really are.

So WELCOME TO THE BRIDGE! In conclusion we would like to express our gratitude for the feeling of love and support to all those who walk here with us on the way to SEARCH OF ABSOLUTE FREEDOM, to all those who became our teachers and to families and friends the luminescent beings…


Sample Pages

  • Page 11. Picture 1: Energetic field of human body.
  • Page 15.What is depicted on these pictures in not an ultimate truth but only an attempt to depict seeing of energy. .
  • Page 24. Sketches about crossing the 21.12.2012.
  • Page 36. The Star Time.
  • Page 43. Non-doing and dreaming.
  • Page 56. The Predators.

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The field of our exploration and sphere of great interest is - AWARENESS

eBook Reviews

I bought your book and I loved it. I found that with the transition moment, that you described my life has changed dramatically and, indeed, some of the fixation, which was there before, has gone. So, perhaps, I am among those who have made the transition at December 2012. .


I was blown away ... a few times! Though the words are so-so, but there’s no other way to say it! The first time was, when I saw the theme of the book. The fact is that I am very interested in the topic of dreams, etc. And now, this interest increases. I did not know what the book is about, but I was hooked by the name. The second time, was during the reading! I was in some kind of the inner ecstasy. Pictures of events, described in the book flew In front of me very fast. Although, it was hard to absorb. "


Michael, thank you for sharing your expirience...




About The Author

Mr Michael Krelman
Published Author

In summer of 1991, just after graduating as a young painter from Kiev State Artists’ Institute I committed incoherent, as I thought then, act. I travelled to Khmelnitsky area to teach kung-fu in kids’ summer camp. There, while sitting one night after training session on the bridge across small river, I became accessible to Spirit. The Power revealed before me, stopping my world. What I saw was far exceeding boundaries of known to me. The event that occurred there and then turned my whole life around. Since then I persistently practice techniques for development of awareness.

In this book, there are some discoveries that were made in connection with these techniques.

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