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The Structure Of The Self-Aware Universe

New book by Michael Krelman.

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The Structure Of The Self-Aware Universe


New times require new syntax! As changes are already happening! Some of the changes have already happened! We know about the changes as we are their direct participants and witnesses.

What this book is about?

Greeting Dear Creators! My name is Michael Krelman, I am an author of the book “Chronicles of the Dark Sea of Awareness”. I am also a seer and one of the group of warriors whose interests and goals lay beyond the world of humans. My first book contains information about events related and occurred prior, during and after the moment of Great Transition known as an event 21/12/2012. And despite over four years passed these events remain quite relevant as they occur in eternal here and now. You yourself can ascertain it if you possess sufficient amount of available energy. You can ascertain it yourself if you have enough free energy. This energy can be accumulated and allowed to grow.

Our physical body is only one part of much larger energy structure that expands into enormous spaces and includes multiple autonomous entities. Now, however we concern ourselves with cocoon around our bodies. You can accumulate power by thriving to become aware of energy of your cocoon, aiming to feel and see it. The awareness of energy body may go hand in hand with work to become aware of the cocoon around the physical body as this awareness is result of developing of the attention of dreaming.

And finally there is a double. Here we deal with different force as it originates directly in the Dark Sea of Awareness. The double consists from multiple projections of the Dark Sea of Awareness, or petals, one can also call them units. These petals look like amber-yellow ball within rhombus shaped boundless field with fading amber color toward periphery. The Dark Sea constantly copies itself as these units, bundling them according certain ideas and goals - the goals of creation which creator and creatures both serve. After developing your first attention and second attention and uniting with the double you will be able to reach the Dark Sea of Awareness. And then, you possibly may decide to untangle the rows of the petals and unite them with the Original Source. You will discover countless multitudes of these units, their joy, and their vibration. Your petals will mix with others similar units. And still your perception continues. You are not there, only the petals. And still some invisible presence continues to perceive.

At the moment when you decide to bring your petals back from common field, they will return. And possibly new petals will join them, entrained by worthy idea. You don’t have to bundle them the same way as before, you can organize them completely different way. It will allow expanding possibilities of you awareness and partaking in the evolution of the Universe. Now you are creators and there are no boundaries. In this new book I am trying to describe our experience of creativity. Thank you for your attention. I am Michael Krelman and companions, creating projections of the Dark Sea of Awareness. Good Luck!

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The field of our exploration and sphere of great interest is - AWARENESS

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I bought your book and I loved it. I found that with the transition moment, that you described my life has changed dramatically and, indeed, some of the fixation, which was there before, has gone. So, perhaps, I am among those who have made the transition at December 2012. .


I was blown away ... a few times! Though the words are so-so, but there’s no other way to say it! The first time was, when I saw the theme of the book. The fact is that I am very interested in the topic of dreams, etc. And now, this interest increases. I did not know what the book is about, but I was hooked by the name. The second time, was during the reading! I was in some kind of the inner ecstasy. Pictures of events, described in the book flew In front of me very fast. Although, it was hard to absorb. "


Michael, thank you for sharing your expirience...




About The Author

Mr Michael Krelman
Published Author

In summer of 1991, just after graduating as a young painter from Kiev State Artists’ Institute I committed incoherent, as I thought then, act. I travelled to Khmelnitsky area to teach kung-fu in kids’ summer camp. There, while sitting one night after training session on the bridge across small river, I became accessible to Spirit. The Power revealed before me, stopping my world. What I saw was far exceeding boundaries of known to me. The event that occurred there and then turned my whole life around. Since then I persistently practice techniques for development of awareness.

In this book, there are some discoveries that were made in connection with these techniques.

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Evolution Of Awareness by Nagual Michael Krelman


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